Link to the questionnaire

Click on the link to fill out the survey questionnaire: 

We urge everyone to take part

The questionnaire has been sent to all employees offshore and at land plants. We would urge everyone to take part in this survey. A good response to the questionnaire will help to identify areas with an improvement potential and will make it easier to set priorities for the measures we take. Every response helps to increase the reliability and usefulness of the results.

Goal of the survey

The goal of the survey is to measure how employees experience the working environment and safety in Norwegian petroleum operations, and to map conditions which are significant for variations between groups and in developments over time. That helps to identify the need for measures and to assess the effect of measures implemented earlier.

What do you get in return?

Each facility/plant receives a report and a slide presentation with results from employees working on/at it, as well as data from similar facilities/plants. Contractor companies with more than 25 respondents receive a report with anonymised data for their own employees. Operator, shipping and contractor companies can also order dedicated analyses of their own employees. These data can be presented in any way required – by company affiliation, job category or employment status, for example. The main survey report will be published at in March/April 2022.


All responses will be processed in the strictest confidence by the Norwegian Research Centre (Norce), which is responsible for practical implementation of the survey. Norsk Senter for Forskningsdata AS (Norwegian Centre for Research Data) has determined that the processing of personal data complies with the data protection regulations. No data will be issued in a way which makes it possible to identify individuals. No data on individual companies or facilities/plants will be communicated to other companies without the consent of the companies concerned.