Differing practices and knowledge

Through its audits and contact with the industry, the PSA has found that there are differing practices and knowledge related to fire resistance and certification of fire protection products.

Through the study, we have gained knowledge, understanding and experience within the following topics:

  • Jet fire test (high heat flux)
  • Fire loads when testing in accordance with the hydrocarbon curve
  • Fire safe ESDVs
  • Correspondence between fire tests of equipment with passive fire protection and installed products
  • Explosion tests of equipment with passive fire protection
  • Use of temporary repairs with respect to fire resistance
  • Repairs to fire protection on structures/pipes/equipment
  • Use of temporary passive fire protection
  • Use of passive fire protection on only three sides of steel beams
  • “FireNuts” (PFP) protection of nuts/bolts


The objective of the project was to gain knowledge and share experience of how the topics are handled by the various petroleum industry participants.


The results of this project are documented in a report. The report includes a technical assessment of the various topics, but also a survey among operating companies.