The opportunity space for emergency decompression

The report sheds light on the opportunity space for emergency decompression by discussing its physiological perspectives and risks as a solution. It also provides a global overview of operations where evacuation was performed – or where the situation made evacuation of a diving team in a hyperbaric chamber facility relevant.

The report describes the current state of knowledge concerning emergency decompression. It contributes to the support material for the diving companies’ activities on preparedness and evacuation of divers from a pressurised hyperbaric chamber.

Rationale of the project

The rationale of the project is to promote knowledge of preparedness pertaining to emergency decompression. The primary means of evacuating divers under compression is through the use of Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboats (SPHL). In an emergency situation, all opportunities for the optimum preservation of life must be evaluated. The total risk assessment of such an emergency may make rapid, or emergency, decompression an appropriate option, whether for all divers under compression or just some of the diving team.

The report has been compiled by Kåre Segadal and Andreas Møllerløkken of NUI, with assistance from Jan Risberg.