Aim of the project

The project’s aim was to enhance our basis for assessing and following up the risks of acute pollution associated with petroleum activities in the High North. The compilation of relevant and up-to-date information and qualification of this knowledge base were important aspects of the project. The study also included various processes for developing our understanding of how area-specific conditions, including geology, geophysics and climatic conditions, affect accident risk, what is uncertain, and which measures are important for preventing acute pollution. The project has been in progress for several years and the products published here document some of the activities carried out.

Results of the study

The results of this project have proved valuable for our work in the forum for integrated marine management of Norwegian sea areas, and especially for our input into the scientific basis for reviewing the management plan for the Barents Sea (2020). The scientific basis will highlight results from this project, but also from some of our other projects focused on petroleum activities in the High North.

Definition of defined hazard and accident situations (DFU) addressed in the study:

  • DFU 3 Well incidents/loss of well control
  • DFU 9 Leak from riser, pipeline and subsea production facility
  • DFU 10 Damage to riser, pipeline and subsea production facility

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