In our supervisory activities within the industry competency and capacity are highly prioritized.

In recent years additional systems and training methods have been initiated. The use of e-learning computers systems introduced individual solutions without limitations in time and location of training.

In addition the development of crew resource management (CRM) models and the introduction of full scale simulator screen animations of drilling rig equipment represented a step change in well control training.

These systems combine technical simulations of formation pressure, temperature and geological values integrated in the training exercises and recertification of drilling and well operations personnel.

To gain knowledge into the standards of performance in drilling and well operations the PSA conducted a survey of well control competency of positions within rig contractors, operator companies and service providers in the industry.

The survey was conducted in a questionnaire concerning the following items:

  • Level of competency
  • Understanding of roles and responsibilities
  • Training, drills and teamwork
  • Work conditions and technical, operational and organisational barrier elements
  • Integrated Operations (IO)
  • Consequences of advanced drilling methods
  • Contract model of operators, drilling contractors and service providers

The scope of work included identification of areas of improvement in standards of performance in competency, training and exercise issues concerning drilling and well related personnel.

The survey proved to provide extended insight and knowledge in industry performance of drilling and well activities and constitute a valuable asset in continued improvement of the safety level in the petroleum industry.

Reflekt AS contributed the questionnaire and DNV GL performed the survey on behalf of the PSA.