The project expands on the work carried out in 2016 and 2017 relating to structural safety in the High North. Previous studies have shown that structures can be damaged by small icebergs that are undetected, e.g by radar, before collision. 


The objective of the study was to acquire new and improved knowledge of the hydrodynamic aspects of the interaction between glacial ice and semi-submersible drilling facilities, and what collision energies are involved in potential collisions.


The report describes a hydrodynamic model for calculating the movement of small icebergs in waves. The model is used to estimate collision energy and points of impact for a semi-submersible platform. But the results from the study also show that uncertainty remains around the points of impact and energies involved in collisions between small icebergs and platforms. 

The PSA has initiated further work to quantify potential collision energies and reduce the uncertainties surrounding collisions. The results of the study will be presented to and discussed with the industry.