The rationale for this study was our emphasis on reducing major accident risk. Maintenance and maintenance management are important for ensuring that safety-critical functions and equipment can perform as required through all phases of their service life.


The digitalisation of the oil and gas industry has already been in progress for some years and covers the entire value chain in one way or another – including the follow-up of technical condition and maintenance work procedures. The different digital solutions will have different consequences for safe and efficient operations. It is consequently appropriate to investigate how digitalisation affects the audits of companies conducted by the PSA on the theme of maintenance management.

The study was conducted as a pilot in which information concerning the participants’ work on digitalisation within the management of operations and maintenance was collected and assessed, especially in relation to the changes that will come into effect in the next five years. The study emphasised the opportunities for improvements to safety, as well as the risks and uncertainties that can accompany digitalisation. The study is limited to the participants on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (fixed facilities).


The report compiles information about the status and challenges in relation to digitalisation in the petroleum activities based on a document review and a meeting with selected companies. This provides a basis for selecting issues to investigate further in a full study. It also provides a knowledge base for potential use both internally within the PSA and in the industry.