In her introduction, the PSA’s Director General Anne Myhrvold emphasised that there is still a need to work on continuous safety improvement.

“There continue to be turbulent times in the world around us. There remains a need to work on safety, security and the working environment, and the need to cooperate is still strong”, she said.

The programme for the day had three main planks:

  • Safety, security and the supply of energy to Europe

  • Technological progress from a security perspective

  • New industries at sea.

Energy security in Europe

Against the backdrop of the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, the PSA’s DG highlighted the importance of secure and stable energy supplies to Europe. She pointed in particular to the need to secure critical infrastructure and the need for extra vigilance against cyberattacks and insider risks.

“Norway has a key role as a supplier. For which safety and stability are crucial.”

“Cooperation on safety is a cornerstone of the Norwegian regime, and cooperation on security is no less important. We need to talk to each other and we need to work together. We need progress, and that happens between companies, workers and the authorities.”

New technology requires a security perspective

Myhrvold also addressed how new technology, such as artificial intelligence, affects risk and the working environment. 

“It is essential to understand the safety, security and working-environment aspects of new technology, especially in a major accident hazard industry. What reduces risk, what increases risk, how do we understand the whole picture and how do we address involvement and participation in this development?”

The PSA changes its name

On 1 January 2024, the PSA will change its name to the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority. The name change comes as a result of the PSA's expanded area of responsibility in recent years.

“This is about preparing for the future and the new ocean industry, while maintaining a high level of safety”, Myhrvold emphasized.