In the period 2018-2021, the PSA conducted user surveys following all audits in order to gain insights into how they are perceived and the effect they have, and to identify improvement points.

This year we have made a few adjustments to the survey, but it remains essentially the same.

As previously, the survey will be sent to the officer in the audited company who is responsible for contact with the authorities around two weeks after they have received the audit report.

Our consultant Ideas2evidence is responsible for conducting the user survey. The PSA has access only to anonymised information. Equinor is an exception here, in that the company can be identified, but not the field or performance area. The results of the user survey will be published on our website.

Sender: The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway's audit survey
Sender’s address:

We greatly appreciate the efforts made in responding to the survey, which contribute positively to the PSA's improvement work.

If you would like to view the survey questions, they are attached below in Norwegian and English.