In the period 2018-2021, the PSA has carried out two user surveys annually: one after each audit and a generalised one directed at all the companies.

The survey performed after each audit aims to gain insights into how our audits are perceived and the effect they have, and to identify improvement points. The generalised survey in 2021 addressed issues of effects and improvement points more broadly, without any direct relationship with the individual audits. We also asked questions about COVID-19 and the impact of certain of our audits being performed digitally.

This general survey was sent to the official contact persons and safety delegates of all licensees, operating companies, onshore facilities and companies responsible for the operation of mobile facilities. The survey was also sent to companies which we did not audit in 2021.

Together, these two surveys cover a wide range of issues, relating to the companies' own safety work, assessments of current regulations for the sector, and how the PSA and the auditing activity is perceived, in individual audits and generally.

Our consultant Ideas2evidence was responsible for conducting the user surveys on our behalf. We have access only to anonymised information. Equinor is an exception, in that the company can be identified, but not the field or performance area.

The results of this user survey can be found here (In Norwegian only)

The responses to these two user surveys are mainly positive, and show that the PSA has a good reputation in the sector. We see that the PSA's work mainly meets the industry's expectations, and that the PSA emerges well from a comparison with similar government entities. As many as 95 per cent of the official contact persons and 76 per cent of the main safety delegates state that they have a high or very high degree of confidence in the PSA. There are however some areas where the results are somewhat poorer than in 2020, and we will look into these.

We greatly appreciate the efforts made in responding to our user surveys, which contribute positively to the PSA's improvement work.