The general user survey addresses questions about impacts and improvement points in general terms, without direct reference to the individual audits. 

The survey is sent to government contacts and safety delegates, and goes to all licensees, operating companies, onshore facilities and companies responsible for the operation of mobile facilities. It is also sent to companies which we have not audited in the year just past.

A new feature for 2020 concerns questions about COVID-19 and the impact of some of our audits having been conducted digitally.

User survey 2020: Result of the general user survey (In Norwegian only)

In addition to the general user survey, in 2020 we also conducted a running user survey as each audit was completed.

The results of both user surveys in 2020 will be compiled into a report and published on our website. The report from 2019 is available here: Positive findings from user polling

- The results from the general user survey and preliminary figures from the running post-audit survey show a relatively high degree of stability in the responses compared with the 2019 figures, with a slight improvement in respect of the user survey from 2020. We note, among other things, that trust in the PSA is high and that the vast majority of respondents believe that the PSA fulfils the expectations and requirements of a public supervisory authority, says Ingvill Hagesæther Foss, director of audits.

- The goal is for the user surveys to make a positive contribution to the PSA's improvement work, and we greatly appreciate the efforts made in responding to them.

The surveys themselves were performed on the PSA’s behalf by a consulting firm, Ideas2evidence. We have access only to anonymised data. Equinor is an exception, in that the company can be identified, but not the field or performance area.