Commissioned by the PSA from consultants Safetec and Oslo Economics, the study was conducted in 2020. It focused on the impact of the authority’s activities related to leaks and lifting on internal improvement efforts made by companies and the industry.

Read the full report (in Norwegian only) here.

Respondents to the survey believe that the PSA makes an important contribution to safety on the NCS. The knowledge that it could intervene is a significant factor in sustaining company concentration in this area and the industry’s overall level of safety.

The PSA is felt to have had an impact on work at the companies relating to both hydrocarbon leaks and lifting incidents. This effect is seen as greatest with such supervisory activities as developing regulations, conducting audits and carrying out investigations, and rather smaller where providing guidance and holding seminars and conferences are concerned.

In addition to requesting completion of an electronic questionnaire, the survey involved a set of in-depth interviews. For practical reasons, evaluation was confined to operator companies with facilities on stream. The PSA has only had access to summarised data on individual company responses.

“This study provides a good picture of how our work contributes to improving safety in the petroleum sector,” says Ingvill Hagesæther, one of the PSA’s directors of supervision.

“It’s important for us to ensure that the work we do is as effective as possible. Results from this evaluation show that our efforts make an important contribution to safety on the NCS.”