During 2018-21, the PSA has conducted a user survey after all its audits in order to gain an insight into how these are perceived and what impact they have, and to identify improvement points.

Go here for reports from the surveys in 2020. (In Norwegian only)

The new survey now being carried out will address questions about the effects of the PSA’s work and improvement points in general, without being directly related to any specific audit.

Questions have also been included concerning Covid-19 and the impact of conducting a number of the PSA’s supervisory activities on a virtual basis.

The questionnaire is being circulated to company contacts and chief safety delegates at all licensees, operator companies, land-based plants and companies responsible for operating mobile facilities. Companies which have not been audited by the PSA this year are also included.

Consultant Ideas2evidence is responsible for conducting the survey, with the PSA receiving only anonymised information. One exception is Equinor, where the company can be identified but not fields or business areas.

Results from the survey will be published on the PSA website.

The PSA greatly appreciates the work done in responding to the survey, since this makes a positive contribution to its improvement efforts.