This evaluation was conducted by Menon Economics and DNV GL for the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) in 2019.

The aim was to establish what impact the PSA’s overall commitment had in these two areas. A total of 102 respondents were interviewed – 52 related to well control and 50 to chemical health risk.


Results from the study show that many different factors influence improvement work at the companies. A unanimous perception prevails among respondents that the PSA’s contribution occupies a key place in work on well control and chemical health risk.

The majority of those interviewed believe that regulations and standards have the biggest significance, along with the companies’ own safety work and internal expertise.

Audits and priorities

The PSA’s audits are highlighted as important, both at the respondent’s own company and in the form of post-audit reports from other enterprises. Active use is made of these in improvement efforts by the companies.

Professional seminars and the PSA’s dialogue and meetings with the industry are also significant, while many identified the authority’s main issue as an important source for ensuring that the companies set the right priorities.


“This survey provides a good picture of the way our work contributes to improvement efforts for well control and chemical health risk in the petroleum sector,” says Ingvill Hagesæther Foss, one of the PSA’s directors of supervision.

“The objective, both for us and at the companies, is that improvements will contribute to an enhanced level of safety. Where we’re concerned, it’s important that our commitment has the best possible effect.

“Our own finding is that the activities we pursue have the greatest effect when we stick to a subject over time. Moreover, we have good experience of combining initiatives directed at the whole industry with audits of individual companies.”

Results from the survey give backing to this approach. They show that the PSA’s activities and initiatives are perceived as relevant, and that their effect on improvement work at the companies occurs in many different ways and through various arenas.

Quotes from the report

“If the PSA hadn’t been there, the level of safety on the Norwegian continental shelf would have been lower.”
Technical specialist at an operator company.

“I’ve worked for several international players. I give them the PSA’s audit reports. That teaches them to understand how we prioritise safety here.”
Safety delegate at a supplier.

“It’s clear that the companies note the priorities set by the PSA. It’s good at shifting attention and contributing to the attention paid. It shifts attention so that, over a longer perspective, coverage of the relevant issues is ensured.”
Technical specialist at an operator company.

“The priority given to safety by the companies is the most important factor. After all, they’re the ones who’re ultimately responsible for safety.”
Manager at an operator company.