User surveys are conducted by the PSA as part of efforts to learn more about the most effective supervisory activities. The aim is to increase the quality of its supervision and enhance awareness of which approaches give the best return.

Results from two surveys conducted in 2019 and the spring of 2020 are presented in the new report.

Read the report here, in Norwegian only: Petroleumstilsynets brukerundersøkelse: Hovedrapport for revisjoner 2019

 “This shows that the companies subject to our supervision generally trust us a very great deal, and that our audits meet a high standard of quality,” says Ingvill Hagesæther Foss, one of the PSA’s directors of supervision.

“We’ll continue to work on ensuring quality in everything we do. But we have every reason to be pleased with these findings.”

The first survey covered by the report, implemented in 2019, was an ongoing assessment sent to contacts at the various companies after each completed audit. In addition, an overall study was conducted with company contacts and chief safety delegates throughout the industry in late 2019.

Information has been provided by the latter on how players in the sector relate to the results of PSA audits, how they work with the results, what thoughts they have about the prevailing regulations, and how they assess the PSA as a supervisory authority.

The ongoing survey follows the companies through the individual audits, and their PSA contacts were asked to assess various aspects of initiating, conducting and concluding each of these assessments. They also provided feedback on the perceived return from the audit in question and the company’s interaction with the PSA during the process.

Viewed as a whole, these two studies provide much useful information on the role played by the PSA’s audit activities in the sector, and how players at the companies assess the contribution made by the authority.