Yet again, the oil industry has seen how swiftly and sharply things can change course. Revenues fall overnight, operating parameters deteriorate, and collaboration between the parties is put to the test.

The PSA’s concern is that safety work will also suffer, in part because the problems are pushed further out along the value chain.

That could result in the supplier companies once more having to pay the highest price for the crisis – and the workers most exposed to risk suffering even worse.

The PSA there asks

  • how such a development can be avoided?
  • how can the important role played for safety in the industry by supplier expertise, technology and management systems be maintained?
  • What steps are needed to ensure that the oil companies help to preserve strong and viable suppliers – while also fulfilling their see-to-it duty and overarching responsibility for safety?

“Everyone should stand side by side with the suppliers – for safety’s sake,” emphasises Anne Myhrvold, director general of the PSA.

“These companies are very important. They have a great deal of expertise and much of the technology and resources required to avoid major accidents and ensure a good working environment.

“The challenges are owned jointly by the operator and supplier companies. It is through working together that we can create the good solutions needed to achieve an even better level of safety.”