Our aim for the project is to answer the following questions:

  • What effect have different instruments and activities under the auspices of the PSA had on the companies' and industry's own improvement work?
  • What other factors and sources (e.g. impact of incidents, contact with other companies, sectoral organisations in which the PSA has not participated) have led to changes/effects?
  • Are there instruments or activities that the PSA could have employed that would have resulted in better measures or further improvements?


By effect, we mean the relationship between the PSA’s activities (e.g. regulatory development, supervision, investigation, guidance, informational work etc.) and the companies’ efforts to limit the number of hydrocarbon leaks and lifting incidents.

Electronic questionnaire-based survey and in-depth interviews

The survey is being conducted by sending out electronic questionnaires and will be supplemented with in-depth interviews, whose purpose is to add depth to and reflection on certain key issues. The interviews will be planned on the basis of the provisional results from the survey. The report will be published on our website when ready.

For practical reasons, the evaluation is limited to operating companies with facilities in operation. The PSA will only have access to summary data and will not be informed of the individual companies’ responses, either directly or indirectly.