A questionnaire-based survey will be conducted between October 14th and November 24th 2019 in connection with the report on Trends in Risk Level in the Petroleum Activity (RNNP).

Everyone who enters the facility in this period will be invited to complete the

This is an opportunity for you to say how you perceive the working environment and safety at your workplace. By completing and returning the questionnaire, you will be taking part in the survey. The more people who respond to the questionnaire, the better the basis the individual facility and company will have for implementing measures.

  • The questionnaire, with instructions for completion and return, will be distributed at the facility in the period between October 14th and November 24th. It takes 25-30 minutes to answer the questionnaire.
  • Everyone who has the opportunity is encouraged to fill out and submit the questionnaire via the Internet, norceresearch.no/rnnp Information of how to access the web questionnaire is provided on the paper form.
  • Paper Form. Put the form in the accompanying envelope and place it into the return box which is located at the facility. If the respondent prefers, the envelope can also be posted separately (postage is paid by NORCE).


  • All response will be treated with strict confidentiality
  • Norwegian Centre for Research Data has assessed that the processing of personal data complies with the data protection regulations.
  • Individuals cannot be identified
  • No individual companies, installations or facilities can be identified by others, without their consent

What do you get in return?

  • Access to the main report on www.ptil.no is provided at the end of April 2020.
  • Reports will be developed for each facility. The results will include all responses on the facility at the time. Each facility will receive a report and PowerPoint presentation.
  • Additional orders can be customized according need, and consequently shed light on work environment and safety issues of peculiar concern
  • Contractors can order reports with depersonalized data/answers from own group of employees

Thank you in advance for your help.