This incident occurred when demounting an air-driven chain hoist and trolley on the facility’s main deck. The 83-kilogram trolley fell from the lifting beam to the deck, a height of about five metres.

A three-member work team was involved in the incident. One member was grazed by the dropped trolley and injured.

Direct and underlying causes

The PSA’s investigation has found that the direct causes of the incident were:

  • inadequate securing of trolley, chain hoist, pallets and loose pallet sides
  • lack of communication between forklift truck operator and personnel on the scaffolding, as well as noncompliance with the prohibition on being underneath hanging loads
  • lack of attachment points on the trolley, making it impossible to either secure or handle in a prudent manner with the lifting equipment during demounting.

Underlying causes of the incident are multiple and complex. They are described in more detail in the investigation report, but relate primarily to the choice of equipment and method for demounting the chain hoist and trolley.

Actual and potential consequences

The actual consequences of the incident were limited to first-aid injuries to the forklift truck operator, damage to the trolley and a dent in the deck.

Under slightly different circumstances, the incident had the potential to cause serious personal injury to or kill the forklift truck operator.


The PSA’s investigation has identified nonconformities related to:

  • deficiencies in the management systems
  • the method for demounting the trolley
  • inadequate planning and risk assessment
  • roles and responsibilities
  • people underneath hanging loads
  • follow-up
  • notification of the incident.


On the basis of the findings by the investigation, the following order has been issued to Equinor:

Pursuant to section 69 of the framework regulations on administrative decisions, see section 21 of the management regulations on follow-up and sections 20 litera b, 29, 30, and 92 of the activities regulations on start-up and operation of facilities, planning, safety clearance of activities, and lifting operations respectively, Equinor is ordered to

- ensure that the preconditions and necessary expertise for safety clearance of rigging and lifting operations are provided on Åsgard B.

See sections 8.1.1, 8.1.2, 8.1.3, 8.1.4, and 8.1.6 of the report.

The deadline for compliance with the order is 1 October 2019. We must be informed when the order has been carried out.