Following visual identification of the blaze in the turbine’s air intake at 15.41, the evacuation alarm was sounded and the process barge blown down (emergency shutdown level 2).

Confirmation that the fire had been extinguished was received at 21.30. The plant has since been placed in a safe condition. No reports have been received of injuries to personnel.

Equinor is operator for the Hammerfest LNG facility.

The PSA takes a serious view of this incident, and an investigation team drawn from its specialist personnel is starting work now. In addition, the PSA will be supporting the police inquiry.

The main objective of this investigation is to identify the causes of the incident and possible lessons to be learnt, and to share this information with the industry.

In conducting its investigation, the PSA will

  • review the course of events
  • assess the actual and potential consequences of the incident
  • identify direct and underlying causes
  • apply necessary enforcement powers to correct possible regulatory breaches
  • make public its findings
  • contribute to experience transfer to and learning by other players in the petroleum sector.

The investigation will be summed up in a report published at