Two people were injured in the incident, which resulted from an explosion in a gas cylinder.

Equinor is the operator for Heimdal.


An investigation team comprising four specialists from the PSA will be flying out to Heimdal on Friday 29 November.

The principal objective of their work will be to establish the direct and underlying causes of the incident.

The PSA team is going out to Heimdal together with the police, and will support the latter in their inquiries in addition to pursuing its own investigation.

In connection with the investigation, the PSA team will

  • study the course of events in detail
  • identify and describe the actual and potential consequences of the incident
  • establish the direct and underlying causes
  • identify possible breaches of the regulations
  • contribute to experience transfer and learning lessons for other players in the petroleum industry.

The investigation’s findings will be summed up in a report published at


Heimdal is a field in the central part of the North Sea. The water depth in the area is 120 metres. Heimdal was discovered in 1972, and the plan for development and operation (PDO) was approved in 1981. The field was developed with an integrated drilling, production and accommodation facility with a steel jacket (HMP1). Production started in 1985.