The incident occurred in connection with a work operation on a 690V electrical panel at Kårstø on 25 July 2020.

The operator of Kårstø is Gassco, with Equinor as the technical service provider.

A person was exposed to arcing and suffered burn injuries when inserting a starter drawer into the panel. The injured person was flown to hospital for medical treatment.

We have decided to launch an investigation into the incident and a team of specialist investigators from the PSA is now starting work.

The main objective of the investigation is to determine the causes of the incident and any lessons to be learned, and share this information with the industry.

In connection with the investigation, we will:

  • Carefully review the sequence of events.
  • Determine and describe the actual and potential consequences of the incident.
  • Identify proximate and underlying causes.
  • Use necessary sanctions to rectify any breaches of the regulations.
  • Publish the results of the investigation.
  • Contribute to the transfer of experience and lessons learned to other industry participants.

The investigation will be summarised in a report to be published on