A dialogue has been conducted by the PSA with Aker BP for a time, where the company has explained its plans to use a “walk-to-work” (W2W) vessel with a motion-compensated gangway for accommodating personnel due to carry out work on the normally unmanned Tambar facility. On that basis, the PSA gave Aker BP notice of an order on 28 June 2018.


In accordance with the notice, the following order has been issued by the PSA.

Aker BP is ordered to obtain consent from the PSA before using a vessel for accommodating personnel who are to execute work on the Tambar facility.

The application for consent must contain the following details.

1. A description of the vessel’s design and systems for stability and positioning, based on chapter 6 of circular RSV 17-2016 from the Norwegian Maritime Authority, vessel category A and minimum DP class 2.

2. A description of how transport routes (gangways and possible cranes) between facility and vessel are designed to ensure that material handling and personnel traffic can take place in an efficient and prudent manner, based on the following references:

a) DNVGL-ST-0358 for strength dimensioning and attachment to the vessel
b) DNVGL-RU-SHIP, Part 6, Chapter 5, Section 16
c) Norsok R-002, chapters 1-5.

3. The results of an analysis of working environment conditions for personnel executing work on Tambar, including when they are on the vessel.

4. A statement from the elected union officers for the workers.

The application for consent must be submitted no later than three weeks before the planned start of the activity. Consent must have been obtained before the activity begins.