We have found that some facilities are not sufficiently complying with the AoC obligations while they are not active on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

This applies to individual facilities coming out of lay-up or from activities on a foreign shelf.

We would therefore like to emphasise:

It is incumbent on the holder of the AoC to fulfil and uphold all conditions described in the AoC application, regardless of operational mode and location. An AoC covers technical condition, relevant parts of the applicant's organisation and management system, performed analyses, maintenance programmes and upgrade plans, with reference to section 25 of the Framework Regulations.

The PSA is aware of the market situation and the challenges the industry faces, and that organisation and activities are adapted for facilities, both during lay-up and in operation. The holder of the AoC is responsible for ensuring that all conditions mentioned in the above paragraph are provided for before the facility is used for activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.