The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) would urge increased vigilance by all operators and vessel owners on the NCS.

Identical letter: Observations of unidentified drones/aircraft offshore

Unidentified drones/aircraft could involve increased risk in such areas as

  • helicopter traffic and movements by SAR helicopters
  • ignition source control – equipment without Ex approval close to areas presenting an explosion hazard
  • dropped object – collision with the facility
  • deliberate attacks.

Pursuant to section 58 of the framework regulations on warning and notification in connection with entry into safety zones, the PSA must receive warnings and notifications of observations.

What is a safety zone?

A safety zone is a geographically delimited area where unauthorised vessels or aircraft are prohibited or restricted from remaining, transiting or operating.

All platforms on the NCS are surrounded by a safety zone. It normally extends 500 metres out from the facility, and from the seabed to 500 metres above the highest point on the facility.

Infringing a safety zone may be punishable by law. The police will consider whether to launch an investigation.