On 1 November, we were notified that drips of "pitch" had been found from the gas compressor cooler on the A train at Troll C. The cooler was isolated and visually inspected, and cracks were discovered in the steel. The cooler on the B train is subject to similar operating conditions and, after a full inspection, significant corrosion and crack formation were also observed there. Both the A and B trains have now been closed.

The PSA takes this occurrence seriously and has decided to launch an investigation. In connection with the investigation, we will:

  • Carefully review the chain of events.
  • Assess the actual and possible consequences of the incident.
  • Identify proximate and underlying causes.
  • Use necessary sanctions to rectify any breaches of the regulations.
  • Publish the results of the investigation.
  • Contribute to the transfer of experience and lessons learned to other industry participants.

The investigation will be summarised in a report to be published on ptil.no.

Troll C

The Troll field is in the northern part of the North Sea, about 65 kilometres west of Kollsnes. Troll C is part of Troll Phase II and is a semi-submersible, steel, accommodation and production facility. The gas is transported in multiphase pipelines to Kollsnes where condensate is separated from the gas and transported onwards. Water depth in the area is about 340 metres.