The PSA was notified on the same day by operator Equinor of a general alarm on Sleipner A after activation of smoke detectors in the transformer room and flame detectors in the fire pump room. This incident led to a shutdown and the mustering of personnel. No personal injuries have been reported.

The main objective of the PSA's  investigation is to identify the causes of the incident and possible lessons to be learnt, and to share this information with the industry.

In conducting its investigation, the PSA will

  • clarify the course of events and the scope of the incident
  • assess the actual and potential consequences of the incident
  • assess direct and underlying causes
  • identify nonconformities and improvement points related to the regulations
  • apply necessary enforcement powers to correct possible regulatory breaches
  • make public its findings
  • contribute to experience transfer to and learning by other players in the petroleum sector.

The investigation will be summed up in report published at