Serious breaches of the regulations have been identified by the PSA through its supervisory activities aimed at Seadrill and the West Mira mobile drilling facility.

On that basis, Seadrill was given two orders as well as a decision to impose a coercive fine of NOK 50 000 per day if the company failed to meet the deadline for complying with the first part of the orders.

The first part of the first order required Seadrill to do as follows.

1. Review safety-critical installations, systems and equipment on West Mira and implement the necessary corrective or compensatory measures to ensure that installations, systems and equipment are capable of performing their required functions so that prudent operation can be maintained on West Mira. See sections 45, 25 and 26 of the activities regulations on maintenance, on use of facilities and on safety systems respectively, and section 22, paragraphs 2 and 3 of the management regulations on handling of nonconformities.

The deadline for complying with this part of the order was set to 12 March.

In a meeting with Seadrill on 11 March, and in documentation submitted on 12 March, the PSA has received a description of the company’s process for identifying necessary measures, an overview of measures initiated and a confirmation with grounds that safe operation is being maintained on West Mira.

The PSA has taken note of Seadrill’s response. The coercive fine will therefore not be effectuated.