This incident occurred in the inlet separator of the process facilities on the North Sea installation.

According to operator company Equinor, production had been shut down and the plant depressurised when the fire broke out.

No personal injuries were reported as a result of this incident. There were 121 people on Snorre B at the time

The PSA investigation team has begun its work. Its main objectives are to identify the causes of the incident and possible lessons to be learnt, and to share this information with the industry.

The police have been informed that the PSA has launched an investigation.

This work will include:

  • a detailed review of the course of events
  • identifying and describing the actual and potential consequences of the incident
  • identifying the direct and underlying causes
  • applying necessary policy instruments/enforcement powers to correct possible breaches of the regulations
  • making public the findings of the investigation
  • contributing to experience transfer to and learning lessons by other players in the petroleum industry.

The investigation will be summed up in a report to be published at