The background to this circular is that, in our audits, we have registered extensive use of composite deck gratings, and that a number of facilities also use such gratings in evacuation routes, at lifeboat/mustering stations, in engine rooms, and in stairwells, both inside and outside. Deficient and defective fixing of the grids has also resulted in personal injury incidents.

In the PSA's experience, the product certificates of the gratings usually document fire resistance/load capacity for a cellulose fire and not a hydrocarbon fire.

We have also detected a lack of documentation of the gratings' static electricity characteristics, which are important in terms of use in areas where potentially explosive atmospheres may arise. 

In this circular, the PSA emphasises that it is up to the individual company to ensure that the fulfilment of regulatory requirements is documented, and notably that the product in question is compliant in terms of its flammable properties.

The circular refers to relevant regulations in this domain and to standards that can be applied in order to meet the requirements.

What is an identical letter?

An identical letter is a communication with the same wording sent to all or selected groups of players in the petroleum sector, depending on whom the content is relevant for.

These communications can provide:

  • guidance on regulatory provisions
  • requests for certain measures to be implemented
  • other important information.

An identical letter does not have the status of an order, and is accordingly not formally binding.

We may follow up an identical letter with more formal action if it fails to have the desired effect.