Sorre gas import pipeline is part of the Snorre Gas Import System, which is a sub-project under the Snorre Expansion Project (SEP) on the Snorre field.


Snorre is a field in the Tampen area in the northern part of the North Sea. The water depth in the area is 300-350 metres. Snorre was discovered in 1979, and the plan for development and operation (PDO) was approved in 1988. The field is developed with the facilities Snorre A, located in the southern part of the field, Snorre UPA, located centrally on the field and Snorre B located in the northern part of the field. Snorre A is a floating tension-leg platform for accommodation, drilling and processing. Snorre UPA is a subsea production facility tied-back to Snorre A.  Snorre B is a semi-submersible integrated drilling, processing and accommodation facility. Production from Snorre started in 1992.

PDO for the Snorre Expansion Project was approved in 2018. This subsea development will be tied-back to Snorre A and consists of six subsea templates, each with four wells.