The consent covers the conversion to a new mode of operation for the Eldfisk 2/7 Bravo facility and comprises three main elements:

  • Technical modifications in order to permit remote operation
  • Organisational adjustments, procedural updates and training
  • Planning and execution of maintenance by means of periodic campaigns

During campaign periods, operating and maintenance personnel will live on Eldfisk 2/7 Bravo. Outside of campaigns, the facility will normally be unmanned. During periods without permanent manning, the facility will be controlled from Eldfisk 2/7 S, otherwise, when manned, Eldfisk 2/7 Bravo will be controlled locally.


Eldfisk is an oil field in the southern part of the Norwegian sector in the North Sea, 10 kilometres south of the Ekofisk field. Eldfisk was discovered in 1970, and the plan for development and operation (PDO) was approved in 1975. Production began in 1979. ConocoPhillips is the operator.