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Fees and sector fees

We are entitled to charge fees and sector fees for supervision and other follow-up of the working environment and safety in the petroleum sector.

Regulations on such fees and sector fees (in Norwegian only) were established by the Ministry of Labour on 8 January 2013.


We can charge fees for supervisory activities (audits and so forth) directed at a specific enterprise. These fees can be charged to the company which is subject to the supervisory activity or where the supervisory activity is conducted.

Sector fees

We can also charge sector fees for follow-up activities directed at all or part of the petroleum industry. These fees will then be allocated between the various players on the basis of formulas set by us.

Hourly rates and invoicing

Supervision and other follow-up covered by the regulations of 8 January 2013 on fees and sector fees will be invoiced on the basis of our applicable hourly rate.

We can regulate this rate annually in accordance with the adjustments in the central government budget for growth in pay and prices.

The applicable hourly rate for 2019 is NOK 1005.00