The audit was conducted from 29 August to 15 September 2022.


We carried out an audit of Gassco's handling of non-conformities with verifications at the Nyhamna facility. For Nyhamna, Gassco is the operator, while Shell is the facility’s Technical Service Provider/TSP. Through the TSP scheme, much of Gassco's day-to-day operatorship is performed by suppliers through TSP agreements. In order to obtain a full picture of the non-conformity handling processes at Gassco for the Nyhamna facility, we have therefore carried out audits of these processes within both Gassco and Shell.


The objective of the audit was to verify that Gassco’s processes relating to non-conformity handling are established and function as intended, and comply with the company's own requirements and those of the authorities.


Three non-conformities were identified, concerning:

  • Employee participation in Gassco's non-conformity handling processes
  • Evaluation of the effects of measures
  • Employee participation in Shell's non-conformity handling processes

 In addition, one improvement point was identified concerning the evaluation of the effects of measures.

What happens next?

We have asked Gassco to report of how the non-conformities will be addressed. We have also requested an assessment of the improvement point observed. The reply deadline is set at 25 November 2022.