The audit was conducted in February and March 2022.


Supervision of the regulations for temporary hires and equal treatment pursuant to the Working Environment Act forms part of the government’s efforts to ensure safe and responsible employment conditions. The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has specified that the PSA is to strengthen its commitment to combating irresponsible employment practices and work-related crime. As part of this, the PSA shall conduct audits of and monitor the companies’ compliance with the Act’s provisions on temporary hires and the requirement to follow-up equality of treatment.

The statutory regulation of the supervision of temporary hires in the Working Environment Act was amended with effect from 1 July 2020. The PSA thereby gained the authority to investigate fulfilment of the conditions of hire from temporary-work agencies and the requirement for equal treatment when hiring workers. The user undertaking’s obligation to provide information to the temporary-work agency is also comprised by this extended supervisory responsibility.


The objective of the audit was to monitor whether Bilfinger, when hiring workers from temporary-work agencies, meets the requirements of the Working Environment Act.


We observed one matter that we have chosen to categorize as an improvement point. This concerned:

  • Routines for ensuring legal hiring

What happens now?

We have asked Bilfinger to give us its assessment of the improvement point observed by 19 May 2022.