The audit was conducted on 3 and 4 June 2021.


The work that the companies undertake to plan and execute projects is important for the quality, safety and the working environment of the finished product.

Deficiencies in project management can lead to unintended negative HSE outcomes whether due to overly optimistic plans, underestimates or discrepancies between the actual status and what appears in the documentation. This may have consequences for compliance with safety and working environment requirements because such project-related risks can have a negative impact on:

  • emphasis on quality considerations in the project moving forward
  • quality of technical deliveries
  • arrangements for safe start-up and operation

The audit covered Vår Energi's planning, follow-up and management of remaining works until the Jotun FPSO is taken out to its new location. This included:

  • Information gathering and sharing for planning of the activities, decision support and analysis
  • Plan for the implementation of remaining works
  • Coordination between different levels and areas, assessment of the degree of maturity of design documentation and scope of work, and coordination between engineering and production
  • Assessment of HSE risks and measures for safe start-up and operation


The objective of the audit was to verify that the project is being carried out in accordance with the company's requirements and the HSE regulations, and that, through its project management, Vår Energi is ensuring that, in the project execution phase, they are reducing risk and preventing accidents during the start-up and operational phases.


One non-conformity related to planning and one improvement point related to follow-up were identified.

What happens now?

We have asked Vår Energi to report by 1 September 2021 on how the non-conformity will be addressed and for an assessment of the improvement point observed.