The audit was conducted on 28-29 April 2021.


Experience from other supervisory activities has shown that the maintenance, modification and recertification of BOP systems may present challenges.

Findings following incidents have also identified issues around training in the operation of BOP systems. There also appear to be challenges associated with feeding experience and learning back to the equipment supplier.

The audit therefore comprised a review of systems for recording incidents involving the equipment, including at customer sites, follow-up of such incidents, including analyses, investigations and dissemination of learning internally and back to customers.


NOV is an equipment and service supplier of BOP valves and associated control functions. These are safety-critical well control elements. The objective of the audit was to verify how the company facilitates use, maintenance, overhauling and recertification after equipment has been sold or leased to owners, drilling contractors, well service companies and operators. This included systems for recording and following up incidents and disseminating learning.


No non-conformities or improvement points were identified during the audit.