The audit was conducted in the period 11 to 15 October 2021.


The objective of the audit was to monitor how Equinor and the drilling contractor Transocean have mapped and followed up issues affecting health, safety and the environment, and complied with regulatory requirements concerning the implementation and use of automated drilling control and digital well planning.


Six non-conformities were identified, concerning:

  • follow-up
  • ensuring of competence
  • analyses in choosing technical, operational and organisational solutions when implementing new technology
  • workplace organisation
  • procedures
  • deficiencies in alarm management

An improvement point was also identified concerning inadequate updating of analyses in relation to software changes.

What happens next?

We have asked Equinor and Transocean to report on how the non-conformities will be addressed and to give us their assessment of the improvement point observed.

The deadline for reply is set at 31 January 2022.