The audit was conducted between 21 and 24 June 2021.


The objective of the audit was to verify processes and systems that help provide comprehensive management of emergency preparedness, and to verify that the helideck complies with regulatory requirements so as to contribute to safe helicopter operations and personnel transport.


During the audit, two aspects of emergency preparedness were identified that have been categorised as improvement points. These concern:

  • System for training and exercises
  • Marking and signage

The Civil Aviation Authority Norway, our auxiliary agency for the auditing of helicopter operations, identified the following non-conformities/observations:

  • No turbulence analysis could be produced
  • Equipment for dousing an engine fire was missing
  • A fire hydrant was missing
  • Helifuel pump cabinet sprinkler system was missing
  • GA drawings of helideck - plan was not scaled
  • Room for fire-resistant apparel for helideck crew was not immediately adjacent to the helideck
  • Helideck information sheet had potential for improvement
  • Mooring equipment for helicopter on deck was missing
  • Procedure for reporting any incidents to the Civil Aviation Authority Norway could not be produced

What happens next?

We have asked Equinor to report on how the non-conformities will be addressed and for their assessment of the improvement points observed.

The reply deadline is set at 10 September 2021.