The objective of the audit was to monitor that the operation of electrical facilities and the requirements for responsible persons for electrical facilities are being fulfilled in accordance with the regulations. It was also intended to verify that technical safety systems are being operated and maintained in accordance with the requirements.


Non-conformities were identified relating to:

  • Barrier management
  • Maintenance management
  • Emergency power systems
  • Emergency lighting
  • Consequences of worst credible process fire
  • Risk assessment of health hazards from electromagnetic fields
  • Work in and operation of electrical facilities
  • Deficient competence of responsible person for communication systems

In addition, improvement points were identified relating to:

  • Design of blackstart procedure
  • Visibility of decision support
  • Mapping of potential ignition sources
  • Warehousing routines

What happens next?

We have asked Teekay to report on how the non-conformities will be addressed. We have also asked for an assessment of the improvement points observed.

The reply deadline is set at 28 May 2020.