The audit was conducted from 7 to 10 September 2020.


The objective of the audit was to follow up the operation of pipelines and subsea facilities integral to the onshore installation at Nyhamna, including technical support functions in other parts of the company.

In addition, we monitored that Norske Shell has an operating model of sufficient capacity to handle normal operating and maintenance tasks, as well as any unforeseen tasks.

Finally, we monitored how the company exercises control of its own activities and ensures that regulatory HSE requirements are complied with.


The audit covered operation of pipelines and subsea facilities integral to the Nyhamna onshore installation. Our audit was conducted by means of presentations, discussions and verifications with representatives of Norske Shell connected with the operation of the Ormen Lange pipe system and subsea facilities, with relevant support systems and functions at Nyhamna, in Kristiansund and in Tananger.

Parts of the Shell organisation (personnel) in Norway were transferred to OKEA in connection with the sale of its Draugen interests on 1 December 2018. Through discussions and verifications, we have followed up how this new organisation is providing for the operation and maintenance of Ormen Lange through topics such as competence monitoring and capacity in the organisation and maintenance management.

Among other things, we looked at their ability to get tasks achieved at the right time and to the right quality. It should be noted that we examined this at an overarching level within the parameters of the audit.

The audit addressed the following topics:

  • Organisation of the operation of facilities (onshore and offshore Shell)
  • Relevant governing documents and operating and maintenance requirements
  • Risk and barrier management
  • Maintenance management and inspection activities
  • Change management and non-conformity handling
  • Integrity status of pressure safety and emergency shutdown systems
  • Verification activities (planned and executed)
  • Incident handling
  • Learning and transfer of experience
  • Follow-up of project and modifications and integration with existing facilities including future phases of Ormen Lange

We identified three regulatory non-conformities and four areas with improvement potential.

Non-conformities included:

  • maintenance management
  • non-conformity handling
  • governing documents

Areas with potential for improvement included:

  • integrity management of pipe system
  • classification and prioritisation
  • competence management and risk management
  • decision support

What happens now?

We have asked Norske Shell to report on how the non-conformities will be addressed. We have also asked the company for their assessment of the observations identifying potential for improvement.