The objective of the audit was to assess how ConocoPhillips is ensuring compliance with the authorities’ barrier management requirements for the operation and maintenance of Eldfisk S within the domains of electrical facilities, technical safety, ventilation and process safety. The topic of the audit coincides with those of previous audits at Eldfisk B and Ekofisk J, and the company’s handling of selected non-conformities from these was followed up in this audit.


Non-conformities were identified relating to:

  • The emergency shutdown system
  • Follow-up of performance requirements for check valves and safety-critical heating cables
  • The fire water system
  • Passive fire protection
  • Qualifications and professional competence of electro technical officer on board
  • Documentation

In addition, improvement points were identified relating to:

  • Ignition source control and emergency shutdown levels in respect of drilling and well operations
  • Instructions for operation of diesel supply shut-off valve


Follow-up of previous audits

During the audit, we also looked at how ConocoPhillips has addressed non-conformities that we identified in previous audits of the company.

From an audit of 2018, we note that non-conformities concerning “non-conformity handling” and “flare system documentation” were not rectified in accordance with the plans submitted to us.

What happens next?

ConocoPhillips has been given a deadline of 6 March 2020 to report on how the non-conformities will be addressed and for their assessment of the improvement points.