We carried out an audit of the follow-up of alarm load and human factors (HF) in the control room at Oseberg A from 18 to 21 March 2019. This control room serves the entire field centre as well as the remote-controlled Oseberg H platform.


The objective of the audit was to investigate whether the alarm systems at Oseberg A provide the operators with the necessary support in managing the processing facility during normal operations, in the event of disturbances, and in the event of incidents, measured against the company's own and regulatory requirements. In addition, Equinor’s mapping and follow-up of human factors and physical working environment conditions in the control room were assessed. The audit also included an assessment of the competency assurance, training and instruction of the operators.


During the audit, three non-conformities and two improvement points were identified.


  • Defective design of the alarm system in the control room
  • A very high number of standing alarms on the screen system in the control room
  • Inadequate systematic mapping of health and working environment risk in the control room

Improvement points:

  • Instruction and training of operators in the control room
  • No distinction is made between deterioration and error codes from gas detectors

It emerged that there was extensive use of overtime at Oseberg A, including among control room personnel.

On the basis of our observations in the audit, we have issued the following order to Equinor:

Pursuant to the Framework Regulations, section 69 concerning administrative decisions, with reference to the Facilities Regulations, section 34a concerning control and monitoring systems, we order Equinor Energy AS to ensure that the alarm presentation in the SAS system at Oseberg A has an unambiguous and clear display of the alarms’ criticality and the process they relate to, with consistent prioritisation and use of colour, with reference to chapter 5.1.1 of the report, concerning defective design of the alarm system in the control room.

What happens now?

Equinor must ensure that the alarm presentation in the SAS system on Oseberg A provides a clear and unambiguous assignment of the alarm’s criticality and process association, where priority and the use of colour correspond. The deadline for compliance with the order is 31 December 2019.