The audit was conducted from 13 to 21 March 2019.


The objective of this audit was to review and assess the administration of Neptune’s management of emergency preparedness at Gjøa. We also wanted to monitor the processes that Neptune has established to ensure that prerequisites, limitations and recommendations in the emergency preparedness analysis are catered for and communicated to the emergency preparedness organisation in order to ensure robust emergency response at Gjøa.

We also intended to monitor that a system for continuous improvement was in place and collaboration between the parties has been provided for.


In this audit, we identified three regulatory non-conformities and two improvement points.

The non-conformities comprise:

  • Marking of alternative escape/evacuation route
  • Signage and marking of evacuation routes
  • Manning of the first aid team

The improvement points concern:

  • Marking of lifeboats
  • Training and practice in the use of the personnel basket

What happens now?

We have asked Neptune to report to us on how the non-conformities will be addressed. We have also asked the company for its assessment of the improvement points we observed. The deadline for feedback is set at 21 May 2019.