The audit was carried out with assistance from the Civil Aviation Authority Norway for the verification of aviation issues relating to personnel transport and search and rescue operations.


The objective of the audit was to verify that Equinor is carrying out safe transportation, that hazard and accident situations can be managed and that security measures have been implemented and maintained, including a plan to help prevent deliberate attacks on Barents Sea-related activities.


Three reports have been prepared following the audit:

1.       A joint report by CAA Norway and the PSA 
2.       A report on the PSA’s audit of security, exempt from publication, pursuant to Section 24 (3) of the Freedom of Information Act
3.       A report on matters relating to CAA Norway and helicopter operators

For the joint CAA-PSA report, no non-conformities were identified, but two improvement points were observed, concerning:

  • Verification of performance requirements for the rescue of personnel from the sea
  • Transport