The objective of the audit was to verify whether Equinor and COSL, along with their contractors, are meeting the regulatory requirements relating to the management of planning, risk assessment and performance of drilling and well operations.


Seven non-conformities were identified in connection with:

  • Equinor’s management’s follow-up of presented measures following previous audits
  • Capacity in Equinor’s drilling and well planning department for Troll
  • Training, instruction and practice routines relating to personnel tasked with securing barrier functions in the event of a well control incident
  • Ownership/maintenance and certification of third-party equipment
  • Training and competence in the Automatic Disconnect System (ADS)
  • Certification of the BOP control system
  • Follow-up of measures following an audit of emergency preparedness, working environment and employee participation on COSL Promoter in 2017

In addition, three improvement points were identified in connection with:

  • Safety service and genuine employee participation
  • Quality of DOP and use of risk matrixes for Troll
  • Chemical health hazards

What happens next?

Equinor and COSL have been given a deadline of 13 September 2019 to report on how the non-conformities and improvement points will be addressed.