From 6 to 14 June 2018, we carried out an audit of the management of health risk, capacity and competence within the working environment and arrangements for employee participation on the Ringhorne facility.

We wanted to examine how Point Resources manages risk in connection with benzene exposure, noise exposure and exposure to factors that contribute to increased risk of musculo-skeletal disorders. In the audit, we also monitored how the company ensures it has sufficient competence and capacity to maintain a prudent working environment, and how Point Resources arranges employee participation through the safety service and working environment committee.


The objective of the activity was to verify that Point Resources’ systems for managing health risk in the working environment, capacity and competence within the working environment and employee participation complied with the regulations.


The audit identified non-conformities linked to at-risk groups, the organisation of work, benzene monitoring during work on hydrocarbon-carrying systems, the calculation of daily noise exposure, discussion, information and evaluation in respect of control measures and systems for safeguarding employee participation.

In addition, improvement points were identified concerning vibration from handheld tools, facility-specific working-environment competence and internal requirements concerning safety inspections.

We have asked Point Resources to report to us on how the non-conformities will be addressed by 14 September 2018. We have also requested the company’s assessment of the improvement points observed.