During 2017, it became known that Kristin had major problems with vibration and cable chafing. We had discussions and meetings with Equinor in the autumn of 2017 to find out the status of these issues and the measures that Equinor had implemented to protect the integrity of Kristin.

Vibration and cable chafing mainly concern the Tyrihans module and are largely due to the high speeds in the processing facility arising from its conversion to lower pressure production in 2014.

Because Equinor had not managed to acquire a full overview of the challenges of cable chafing and vibration, in autumn 2017, reinforced efforts on this issue were initiated. Equinor also conducted an internal audit of technical barriers on Kristin focused on leak prevention (vibration) and ignition source control (cable chafing).


The objective of the audit was to follow up Equinor's work on protecting integrity at Kristin and was primarily focused on factors relating to vibration and cable chafing.

We wanted to see the results of the measures undertaken, gain knowledge of the lessons learned during the improvement works, and be presented with an updated risk picture for Kristin.


Three non-conformities were identified in connection with:

  • Reporting of hazard and accident situations
  • Follow-up of established management system
  • Classification of safety-critical equipment

No improvement points were identified.

Equinor has been given a deadline of 15 June 2018 to report on how the non-conformities will be addressed.