An audit during the design engineering and construction of facilities is highly important, since it is in these phases that key parameters are defined for prudent operations once the facilities are put into use.On 20 and 21 September 2016, the PSA carried out an audit of how Total E&P Norge AS (Total) is managing the construction project for the Martin Linge living quarters, in respect of materials handling, emergency preparedness and the working environment. The audit took place at the construction site at Apply Emtunga's premises in Gothenburg.


One non-conformity was identified in connection with the arrangement for materials handling in the area for helicopter fuel tanks.

In addition, improvement points were detected in connection with:

  • Dafety marking of machinery 
  • Planning of access for bolt inspections
  • Overall assessment of health risks

Total has been given a deadline of 30 November 2016 to report on how the non-conformity will be dealt with and how the company will assess the improvement points.