The objective of the audit within the crane and lifting operations domain was to assess Statoil's and the subcontractors' management systems and practice as concerns the administration and management of materials handling, technical condition and maintenance of lifting equipment and lifting facilities at TBO. The audit also focused on Statoil's management of OHAS, with special emphasis on follow-up of Statoil's own personnel and personnel of the insulation, scaffolding and surface treatment, and maintenance and modification subcontractor.


Non-conformities were identified in connection with:

  • Maintenance of wire rope
  • Training of scaffolding users
  • Documentation of safety labelling of machinery
  • The occupational health service
  • Training and competence

In addition, improvement points were identified in connection with:

  • Lifting operations
  • Norms for rope work
  • Handling of non-conformities
  • Chemicals and chemical exposure
  • Storage space for permanent PPE
  • Protection from contact with hot surfaces and fixtures
  • Working environment mapping

Statoil has been given a deadline of 8 July 2016 to report on how the non-conformities and improvement points will be dealt with.